Content note: this site and associated materials have emerged from within the Chorus (a.k.a cypherspace, a.k.a the peer-to-peer web). Most of the links are DAT links which means you can only view them using a peer-to-peer browser such as Beaker Browser. Download Beaker Browser for the rich cypherspace experience. Most of the discussions associated with episodes are happening within Scuttlebutt, you are warmly invited to come and join fellow Solarpunks to chat about the shows, to play a game of chess or just hang out. Now, with that being said, on to the main event.

(p.s. if you'd really love to hear one of the episodes but don't have capacity to figure out Beaker Browser or DAT yet then feel free to email us!)

An experiment in decentralized, collaborative podcast making ~ Scrycasting

Who is responsible for producing The Local Gossip? You are! Localhosts throughout The Chorus are collaborating to deepen community relationships while exploring stories, weaving tales and finding new metaphors to understand the terrains and potentials of cypherspace from their subjective vantage points.

Within cypherspace terms, each episode is a world of its own. Each episode will have its own thread, forks & web on SSB. Each episode will also have its own DAT site hosting the files, show notes & other treats associated with the episode world. These will all be linked to below within the index.

Join voices with The Chorus (requires Beaker Browser)

Most of us are carrying around recording devices all the time! Add your voice to mix new dulcet tones to the harmonies.

The Local Gossip profile on SSB: @URIdonHSF4eAIZVqPPe6I+lkDd19Bl0T/t4/umwtbo4=.ed25519

The Local Gossip channel on SSB: #the-local-gossip

Contact dan hassan @NeB4q4Hy9IiMxs5L08oevEhivxW+/aDu/s/0SkNayi0=.ed25519 on SSB or email them if you would like a link added pointing to an episode or if you would like help making one, releasing one or any of the *other ones.

Hum along with The Chorus

Talking not your vibe? That's cool! There are other ways to participate. Each episode will have its own DAT site so you can participate by seeding (requires Beaker Browser) this Index and any episodes which you particularly enjoy! You could try your hand at making a DAT site (requires Beaker Browser) for an episode that you liked (it's kinda like making a zine + glyph has made a template (requires Beaker Browser)), or hosting a chat on SSB or helping to transcribe an episode to make it more accessible. There's also stuff like, you know, introducing new friends to join the Chorus and help us build a solarpunk future (requires Beaker Browser)!... or if none of that floats your boat perhaps we can tempt you to draw a hermes below and send us a screenshot :-)

Here's a canvas for you to draw on. Reset the canvas by clicking the box at the top right or you can dip your mouse in the colour palate at the top left. We like trying to draw hermes.


  1. Peers of Cypherspace Podcast #naming-party

    localhost: dan hassan (requires Beaker Browser)

    ssb: %1gMLyzdIiLZFp71wpYFTCLntEPpQ4BM2mF3JrrCbcik=.sha256

  2. episode 0 ~ invoking participatory peer scrycasts

    localhost: dan hassan (requires Beaker Browser)

    ssb: %w258lEVlYp3rpjDAcJt/tYsBcVzGo4OdE43tDaMp8D0=.sha256

  3. episode 1 ~ git-ssb

    localhost: dan hassan (requires Beaker Browser)

    peers: cel & noffle

    ssb: %6wdl9bLeIWdtS/ZU7OEjzB0zM/qfguqR1jcKo4K5Pls=.sha256

  4. episode 2 & 3 ~ solarpunk, travels & metaphors

    localhost: dan hassan (requires Beaker Browser)

    peers: angelica & zach (requires Beaker Browser)

    ssb: %uZ34PPG5fyC+7S5v55TByJxEha1kCKKKhADouu9vUx0=.sha256

  5. episode 4 ~ SSB-Chess

    localhost: glyph

    peers: happy0, frankiebee, christian, dan hassan

    ssb: %1k1CUDnbPGFoY13rqoXBWVo4JqT+cq7zsH2rDWs9EKo=.sha256

  6. episode 5 ~ an intersecting journey towards open economic networks

    localhost: dinosaur

    peers: bobhaugen

    ssb: %CikJWTvIHWntPzsrGc8lOm+d0hxDFTq6aO/3nDc4giU=.sha256

  7. episode 6 ~ #talenet, #35c3 and #1komona

    localhost: dan hassan (requires Beaker Browser)

    peers: [@katze](@3a/8VgfLqnmmqO3mf0al1piEbKqvg1LqRoNd2pcsLLo=.ed25519) & [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWmFd5rlUNpzekEE+vI=.ed25519)

    ssb: %IKgYi6smzF/7PmwJwOlCFZsMvwUu/Xcy0Yhyu36owQA=.sha256

  8. episode 7 ~ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is :: On scuttlebutt, P2P, Astrology, Queering the Internet, Sex Work, Designing With and for the Margins, Internet and Intersections of Oppressions

    Side A

    localhost: dan hassan

    peers: anna & marissa

    Side B

    localhost: anna

    peers: dan hassan & marissa

    ssb: %607dXSQuOPzm6Ph/alK2/XP96xZ1Ql23CLVtmRSzj+Y=.sha256

  9. episode 8 Dark Crystal Diaries 0 ~ In dialog with Cory Doctorow

    Dark Crystal Diaries Ep. 0

    localhost: dan hassan

    peers: cory doctorow

    ssb: %YQqmTXmHM5g4sIDOMFs6ZRtr/qhcy1csarsfK2caqvs=.sha256

  10. episode 9 Fungi, Forests & Friends

    Fungi, Forests & Friends

    localhost: glyph

    peers: kieran

    ssb: %+s2oKiBKTPKHVUYMNGpa0oV8yxiYPnO88K8ic6A3wOU=.sha256

  11. episode 10 Back to the Land

    Back to the Land

    localhost: dinosaur

    peers: luandro

    ssb: %5HNZSRhkZeaZWAWuZ8cY5JQB8bLihy0fo6GFRUJXqWM=.sha256

writings we love:
the future will be technical
A Praise Chorus (requires Beaker Browser)
Building Consentful Tech (requires Beaker Browser)
Distributed Web of Care
Racial Justice in the Distributed Web

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